What is mock apple pie, a long-running recipe on boxes of Ritz Crackers? acgold7 says, “It used Ritz crackers instead of apples. I remember seeing the recipe on the box but not the exact ingredients, but as I recall it had a ton of sugar and cinnamon in it as well as, obviously, a lot of Ritzes. Still seems to me it would be awfully salty.”

“Apparently you make a sugar syrup and pour it over the crackers,” continues acgold7. “Sounds lovely. Frankly, if it’s supposed to simulate apple pie, I’d use apple juice for the syrup instead of water.”

The illusion is in the seasoning. “I read somewhere that because of the ingredients: sugar, cinnamon, and lemon—our taste buds identify it (taste-memorywise, that is) as apple pie because of the duality,” says mamachef. “It’s like a flavor/texture confusion, because you kinda are primally ‘expecting’ that taste…and that’s what you get.”

“My neighbor, who makes a lot of Shake N Bake and tuna casserole, brought us one of these when we moved into our house in 85,” says magiesmom. “It was actually very good, in a junky kind of way!”

Discuss: What is the most ridiculous recipe suggestion you have ever read on the “back of the box”?

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