It’s hazelnut time, and hounds are wondering where to buy the best fresh or roasted hazelnuts for their nut-centric recipes.

atg106 recommends buying them at Eastern Lamejun Bakers on the Belmont/Watertown line. “The turnover is pretty good, so they’re pretty fresh most of the time,” he says. teezeetoo suggests Whole Foods as a place to start, but also mentions Fastachi in Watertown. galleygirl seconds the Fastachi recommendation. “For roasted, you can’t get fresher,” she says, since the nuts are put out the day they are dry-roasted.

somervilleoldtimer points out that Fastachi products, including delicious hazelnut butter, are also available at several local farmers’ markets.

Eastern Lamejun Bakers [North of Boston]
145 Belmont Street, Belmont

Fastachi [MetroWest]
598 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

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