Forbes writer Bob Cook presents a news item that reveals a counterfactual idea that should freak out parents from coast to coast: Youth sports could do more damage than good to your little pork chops.

How? Cook references a University of Minnesota study that shows kids in sports are more likely to eat fast food and other unhealthy snacks, and backs it up with observations taken from his own family unit:

“Particularly in the spring, our busiest season, we end up consuming—despite our best intentions—a lot of fast food. Also, each event often features a snack and drink for the kids afterward, so two hours of standing around doing much of nothing on the softball field is rewarded with a Rice Krispie treat and a Hi-C box.”

Naturally it doesn’t help that the world of kids’ snacks is populated in part—or maybe mostly—by nutritional wolves in sheep’s clothing. From Lunchables’ cracker stackers to blueberry muffins, it’s a harsh, buttery world out there for parents trying to raise active, healthy kids.

Image source: Flickr member mattack under Creative Commons

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