easy Philly cheesesteak recipe
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There’s no better excuse to eat greasy pub grub than football season and we’ve got the best copycat recipes for pub burgers, buffalo wings, potato skins, and more to make at home for gameday. 

“Woooooo!” (chomp, chomp, slurp) “Ah, man!” (chomp, chomp, slurp). These are the raucous and sloppy sounds of football season, when following the game means fried food and beer at your favorite bar with friends. But sometimes you want to scream for your team in the comfort of your home — with the same spectator spread. You don’t even need a deep-fryer to enjoy all the greasy goodness of wings, tots, burgers, and potato skins without leaving the crib. And thanks to modern science there is even a slew of low-carb, low-cal beers to help balance out the calorie blitz you’re surely about to endure.

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Try out some of our best pub food recipes to can make at home. For extra ease and quality cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, check out the best meat delivery services and subscriptions in 2019.

Chicken Tenders with Blue Cheese Coleslaw


If there’s ever a time when it’s not childish to order chicken tenders, it’s game time. Do it in the privacy of your home, and do it better than your favorite bar does, using panko bread crumbs and a coleslaw that satisfies the craving for creamy, cheesy sauce to complement the spicy-hot meat. Get our Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Blue Cheese Coleslaw recipe.

Bacon and Tomato Guacamole


Crispy, thick-cut bacon crumbled and mixed into mashed avocado is just the first, and best, step that makes this guacamole dip recipe crazy good. The other two steps are the additions of fresh diced tomatoes and smoky chipotles in adobo sauce. Get our Bacon and Tomato Guacamole recipe.

Sweet Potato Fries


A little sweet, a little salty — sweet potato fries are the new French fry. Make a nice mayonnaise dip with dill and horseradish, or a honey mustard variety. Just don’t use ketchup, please. Get our Sweet Potato Fries recipe.

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Buffalo Cauliflower with Blue Cheese Dressing


There’s another, healthier option when you’re craving buffalo chicken or shrimp. This cauliflower is still kinda meaty, and its coated in garbanzo bean flour, garlic powder, pepper, salt, and then baked. On top of that is the honey-hot sauce and blue cheese dressing. It’s awesome. Get our Buffalo Cauliflower with Blue Cheese Dressing recipe.

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Grilled Steak Quesadillas


It’s quesadilla time! These are made heftier with the use of skirt steak as the protein, and Monterey Jack mixes with cheddar for stringy goodness inside. With sides of guacamole, sour cream, and salsa, one of these could be your whole game-time meal. Get our Grilled Steak Quesadillas recipe.

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Juicy Lucy Burger


Seriously, what could be a better surprise when you bite into a burger than a hidden well of ooey, gooey, melty, stringy cheese? Nothing, that’s what. Burgers are where it’s at for pub entrees, but where ever you’re at, that’s where the place to be is, if you’ve got this burger going on. Get our Juicy Lucy Burger recipe.

Cheesy Potato Tots and Gravy


Pouring gravy over your fried potatoes is quite Canadian, but it’s not un-American. We suggest our favorite munchies from all of North (and South) America. Did we mention there’s cheese in there? Fried potatoes, cheese, and gravy a great munchie make. Get our Cheesy Potato Tots and Gravy recipe.

Easy Buffalo Wings


Wings are one of the most basic requirements to accompany your other duties of watching football and drinking beer. These wings are marinated in buttermilk, hot sauce, and garlic powder before being broiled to get that crispy skin and juicy meat inside. Get our Basic Buffalo Wings recipe.

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Easy Potato Skins


The broiler is your friend when you want that pub classic, potato skins. When done right, they’re crisp on the outside and all soft and warm inside, topped with melted cheddar cheese, quality crumbled bacon, and then a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of scallions. No need to mess with the classic. Get our Easy Potato Skins recipe.

Chicken, Guacamole, and Bean Nachos


This is a simple recipe that requires you to either make the bean dip, salsa, and guacamole beforehand and roast a chicken and pull off the chunks, or buy all those things pre-made at the supermarket. Guacamole is ridiculously easy to make at home, but no shame if you buy a rotisserie chicken. Get our Chicken, Guacamole, and Bean Nachos recipe.

Pepperoni Pizza Jalapeño Poppers


There are several ways to do poppers, but a pizza style jalapeño popper isn’t usually on the list. That’s cool. Once you try it, this game-time appetizer will be a top pick. Get our Pepperoni Pizza Jalapeño Poppers recipe.

Honey-Mustard Snack Mix

You need at least one snack food you can grab and munch on without letting your eyes leave the screen. This is flavorful, crunchy, and easy to make. Get our Honey Mustard Snack Mix recipe.

Easy Philly Cheesesteaks


Impress diehard Eagles fan by making this classic sandwich with shaved steak and melty cheese. Get our Easy Philly Cheesesteak recipe.

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