parkslopemama, no fan of the hamburgers in her ‘hood, might consider spending more time in bars. That’s where her neighbors find some of Park Slope’s best burgers. The Dram Shop flips a nice basic one in the fast-food style. “Nothing fancy,” says lambretta76, “just a really well-constructed burger and crispy fries. … It’s closest to a Wendy’s double, but about 100x better.”

Johnny Mack’s serves a Black Angus burger that Bob Martinez, who knows this turf well, considers an excellent representative of the bar style. He also recommends two other joints that push the stylistic boundaries with grass-fed beef, among other upgrades: Lot 2, with a burger that comes alongside cheddar, pickles, and duck fat potatoes, and the Chowhound-endorsed Korzo, with a Euroburger that features wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, and Emmentaler on a kaiser roll.

Farther afield, the Double Windsor, a hound hang in Windsor Terrace, offers a “fab burger done the way you want,” Mike R. promises, made with Creekstone Farms beef.

Back in the Slope, several locals swear by the Black Angus sirloin burger at neighborhood fixture Bonnie’s Grill. Bob finds it just fine, if a notch below the top tier, but adds that the outstanding Buffalo wings make the Bonnie’s experience well worth it.

Hounds are divided over BareBurger, a newish minichain outpost that offers beef, lamb, veggie, and wild game options, numerous sauce and topping choices, and a hefty side of organic-and-sustainable doctrine. planetjess has tried the beef, lamb, and veg burgers and loves all three, but her top pick is the “Avocado California” topping (Hass avocado, raw-milk cheddar, cilantro-lime dressing) over a vegetable patty. Her husband, normally a “‘nothing on my burger other than cheese and ketchup’ kind of guy,” goes for the Mediterranean-accented lamb with cucumber-mint yogurt. For parkslopemama, though, BareBurger is part of what’s wrong with the local hamburger scene. She complains of bland burgers, soggy fries, and a lumpy, odd-tasting chocolate shake. “Totally NOT impressed,” she concludes. “Even setting aside the super-organic-and-environmentally-correct preachiness, the food just wasn’t very good.”

Another chain eatery, Five Guys, also has both fans and detractors. Sluggo1407 finds its burgers “pretty decent.” planetjess dismisses them as “grease bomb gullet busters best invoked to treat serious hangovers.”

But Slopers seem to find common ground on Cheeburger Cheeburger and Brooklyn Flipster’s. Just “awful,” declares parkslopemama; “laughably mediocre,” adds planetjess. All the more reason to look forward to Shake Shack Brooklyn, which will come to the rescue in a few months.

The Dram Shop [Park Slope]
339 Ninth Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), Brooklyn

Johnny Mack’s [South Slope]
1114 Eighth Avenue (between 11th and 12th streets), Brooklyn

Lot 2 [South Slope]
687 Sixth Avenue (at 20th Street), Brooklyn

Korzo [South Slope]
667 Fifth Avenue (between 19th and 20th streets), Brooklyn

The Double Windsor [Windsor Terrace]
210 Prospect Park West (at 16th Street), Brooklyn

Bonnie’s Grill [Park Slope]
278 Fifth Avenue (at First Street), Brooklyn

BareBurger [Park Slope]
170 Seventh Avenue (at First Street), Brooklyn

Five Guys Burgers and Fries [Park Slope]
284 Seventh Avenue (between Sixth and Seventh streets), Brooklyn

Cheeburger Cheeburger [Park Slope]
222 Seventh Avenue (between Third and Fourth streets), Brooklyn

Brooklyn Flipster’s [Park Slope]
444 Ninth Street (between Sixth and Seventh streets), Brooklyn

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