A couple of years after the Boiling Crab made a tremendous splash in San Jose, it finally has competition: Another Cajun-Vietnamese fusion restaurant wins rave reviews from pilinut, who enjoyed a recent visit to Red Crawfish in San Mateo. Worrying that the lack of line didn’t bode well (Boiling Crab diners routinely wait hours for a table), the party of three was surprised by the quality of the fresh, plump Louisiana crawfish and prompt service.

They shared Dinner Combination 1, which included garlic bread, sweet potato fries (subbed in for Cajun fries), three pounds of crawfish, corn, sausage, garlic noodles, and two beignets. pilinut preferred Red Crawfish’s medium-spicy sauce to Boiling Crab’s equivalent and decided that only the tough-skinned (probably frozen) corn disappointed. Nicely crisp fries, hot garlic bread, and “quite good” garlic noodles complemented the main attraction.

stanbee adds that the “perfectly fried crispy, bronzed oysters” are not to be missed, and RWCFoodie notes that pilinut’s feast came to only $21 a head, including tax and tip.

“How long this place will go before the crawfish-sucking hordes turn it into another Boiling Crab ordeal, I do not know,” pilinut mused mournfully. “Probably another week.”

Red Crawfish [Peninsula]
401 E. Third Avenue, San Mateo

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