A roundup of some of our favorite articles from food blogs and websites.

Culinaria Eugenius: As the end of summer approaches, there’s always a rush to pickle and preserve fruit and vegetables, but some people are saving a little time to can seasonal albacore tuna. —Amy

Alcademics: Here’s an interesting prize for a bartending competition—the winners of the Auchentoshan Switch swap New York and London bartending gigs for two weeks. —Amy

Sunset: I’m still trying to wrap my mind around a hydroponic garden that’s fertilized by live goldfish and Malaysian giant river prawns. —Christine

Menu in Progress: After a trip to New York City last month, I’ve been craving good bagels and cream cheese. This recipe for homemade cream cheese (see photo above) sounds easy and delicious. As for good bagels in SF, I’m looking for suggestions! —Christine

Etsy: This handmade shark beer cozy would totally eliminate the “which beer is mine” game at tailgates and backyard parties. —Lisa

PopSugar: Oh no, not another corporation exploiting the food truck for a marketing … wait a minute. Cheap tacos, pants giveaways, and discounts on clothes from the Gap’s Pico de Gap taco truck? I might swallow my pride and check it out. —Lisa

Image source: Menu in Progress

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