What belongs in a (savory) crêpe?

According to ebaba, not much: “Only 4 things should ever be in a savory crepe: egg, cheese (not Muenster certainly), ham and mushroom.”

Discussion of the pop-up restaurant Doré Crêperie—and its not totally classic menu—provoked this defense of old-fashioned crêpes. Speaking of a recent two-crêpe lunch at Doré, nsenada reports the quality as excellent, praising the “‘Pawnee’ with Swiss cheese, ham, and an egg, with a banana-nutella crepe for dessert.”

dmw010 presents the other half of the argument: “My wife reports she tried an ‘Enzo’ (Marinara Sauce, Mozzarella, Basil) with chicken added and it was inedible. Undercooked, gummy, and for $8 she expected fresh basil but got dried flakes.”

If the controversy is too much for you, there’s always Cafénation in Brighton Center. kimfair1 says their offerings are her go-to crêpes.

Doré Crêperie [Downtown]
1 Beacon Street, Boston

Cafénation [Brighton]
380 Washington Street, Boston

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