It’s 90 degrees outside at the moment, but that doesn’t stop some folks from thinking about big, juicy porterhouse steaks. And I applaud them for that … but I’ll be over here eating corn and lobster rolls.

dlgc, a Miami Beach hound, is looking “for the best porterhouse for two in the city.” He has already hit Peter Luger. Carnivore hounds are being rock stars, chiming in within minutes about their favorites. Veggo is a Smith & Wollensky fan. Motosport counters with Old Homestead. kathryn loves Keens. Wolfgang’s makes a cameo—dlgc is curious—and Sneakeater pronounces it “Better than Keens, not quite as good as Luger.”

jerico offers a statement that would surely make Tom Colicchio smile—after nmprisons suggests Craft, he chimes in with “+1 on Craft, I’d take it over Luger’s.” Whoa!

Sweater weather is just around the bend. It’s a fine time for steaks, for those of us who eat meat. Share your favorite?

Peter Luger [Williamsburg]
178 Broadway, Brooklyn

Smith & Wollensky [Midtown East]
797 Third Avenue, Manhattan

Old Homestead [Chelsea]
56 Ninth Avenue, Manhattan

Keens [Midtown]
72 W. 36th Street, Manhattan

Wolfgang’s [Tribeca]
409 Greenwich Street, Manhattan

Craft [Flatiron]
43 E. 19th Street, Manhattan

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