Rice paper is used to wrap Vietnamese summer rolls, but once you have the wrapper in hand, there’s no need to limit yourself to a traditional filling. Rice paper can be used to bundle up all kinds of foods that, paired with an appropriate dipping sauce, make a fun meal.

Try a roll filled with Korean barbecued meats and lettuce, cucumber, and scallions with a sweet-and-spicy soy dipping sauce, suggests inaplasticcup. Others go for non-Asian fillings, such as steak fajitas and guacamole with salsa for dipping, or curried chicken salad and Bibb lettuce.

Rice paper rolls can also be fried, expanding the filling options further. Try stuffing fried rolls with steak and cheese or thinly sliced squash, suggests jvanderh. guilty makes fried rice paper rolls for dessert. “Banana and chocolate is particularly great,” he says. “Using two layers of rice paper generally prevents any leakage.”

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