DC Chowhound bougouni is coming to the city with two kids, aged seven and nine, “who like Thai, Chinese, and Mexican. And pizza of course.” She’s staying in that strange culinary zone of Penn Station.

kathryn, who has been a one-woman powerhouse of recommendations lately, pipes up with her Midtown favorites: Szechuan Gourmet (a Chinese mainstay about which, incidentally, Frank Bruni has been tweeting madly), Pure Thai Shop House, Wu Liang Ye, and all of Koreatown, if bougouni can get the kids to take a crack at Korean barbecue. As for pizza, she pulls no punches: “For the best pizza in town, you’ll probably need to leave Midtown.”

Hounds with kids, where else should bougouni go?

Szechuan Gourmet [Midtown]
21 W. 39th Street, Manhattan

Pure Thai Shop House [Hell’s Kitchen]
766 Ninth Avenue, Manhattan

Wu Liang Ye [Midtown]
36 W. 48th Street, Manhattan

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