Last week’s news that the French incarnation of McDonald’s, McCafé, is launching the McBaguette had us giggling. Eater translated this Le Figaro report thusly: “the jam will of course come in apricot, raspberry, and orange varieties and will be made ‘artisanally by a producer in the Pyrenees.'”

Of course.

I’d sure love to meet with that artisanal producer employed by McDonald’s, but since I’m stuck in New York, I’ll stick to the baguettes hereabouts. It’s a fine time for picnics here (on the days that are below 90 to 100 degrees, that is). Stacked with prosciutto and butter, piled with tomatoes and basil and mozzarella, there is little better for a picnic.

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie thread wrapping up some of the city’s best bread. MMRuth says her favorite is Tom Cat, and LNG212 likes the Balthazar baguette. jakew8 has fancier taste, writing that “whoever makes the bread in the $8 bread and butter at Momofuku Ssäm Bar, that’s my favorite.” broccoli and jusrelax warn fellow hounds away from Whole Foods.

So where are the city’s best baguettes today? The Upper West Side’s Silver Moon pops up on this thread about the best bakeries. Please chime in!

Tom Cat Bakery [Hunters Point]
43-05 10th Street, Queens

Balthazar Bakery [SoHo]
80 Spring Street, Manhattan

Momofuku Ssäm Bar [East Village]
207 Second Avenue, Manhattan

Silver Moon Bakery [Upper West Side]
2740 Broadway Avenue, Manhattan

Discuss: Baked Bread – Where is NYC’s best baguette?
Help me find the best bread bakeries in Manhattan

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