A roundup of some of our favorite articles from food blogs around the Web.

Simple Bites: The term lacto-fermentation may sound complicated, but it’s the easiest way to make pickles and preserves—no pesky jar-processing! —Amy

sfgirlbybay: I am not currently blessed with an official “dining room,” but I could use these pretty vintage plates to spruce up my kitchen instead. —Amy

GroEdibles: Want to release your inner forager? Here’s a handy guide to find what’s growing in your region of the country. —Christine

Appetite by Penny De Los Santos: Aspiring photographers should watch this behind-the-scenes video that follows Saveur Magazine‘s Penny De Los Santos on a restaurant photo shoot. —Christine

Miss Anthropist’s Kitchen: Homemade cheddar goldfish crackers are a great idea (see photo above), but what I’m really digging is the ingenuity behind the wee fish-shaped cookie cutter made out of a soda can. —Lisa

Taylor Takes a Taste…: I will definitely be following this ambitious 2011 nationwide tour of the best college tailgating grub, even though the Spartans got no love. —Lisa

Image source: Miss Anthropist’s Kitchen

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