What are great, portable foods to take along with you—other than the ubiquitous sandwich? srsone recommends getting a good thermos for soup or stew—or any hot dish that can fit in a thermos. cgarner likes to make tortellini “kebabs”: “toss cooked tortellini with olive oil and basil, skewer with grape tomatoes and little mozzarella balls.” Also recommended: “melon and Prosciutto (expensive, you can do ham too), veggies and hummus, savory muffins (ham & Swiss, cheddar and smoked turkey), and pizza pockets/stromboli’s—store-bought bread dough, fill with meat/veggie/cheese combo of your choice, bake and serve at room temp,” says cgarner.

Pasta salads are nice, but “I prefer grain salads to pasta. Farro, barley spelt, kamut, wheatberries, rices, bulgur all make great salads with bits of meat, veggies,” says magiesmom.

“Does a lettuce wrap count as a sandwich?” wonders HillJ. “The crunch is yummy.” Also, “Breadless deli meat sandwiches: Roll salami, provolone and a pickle together!” says HillJ.

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