Pickles is an excellent Indian restaurant. The owners are from Hyderabad; the chef is from Tamil Nadu. If you’ve been looking for more fiery, aggressive Andhra cuisine, this is the place for you. Take, for example, Andhra eggplant curry—baby eggplants cooked in a rich sesame and peanut sauce. “You won’t find this at other Indian restaurants in L.A.,” says suvro. Hyderabad is known for its dum pukht biryani, says suvro. Nako biryani—countryside hen—comes with large hunks of chicken, “which tasted very much like the farmer’s chickens we get in India—not the flabby watery ones we get here in the supermarkets,” says suvro. “The rice grains were perfectly separated from one another, and with the hard-boiled egg, this was the best biryani I have had in a restaurant.”

There’s goat chettinad, cooked Tamil style, with unique, superb spicing. And their romali roti are paper-thin and wonderful—so much better than your average naan, says suvro.

Pickles [South Bay]
11688 South Street, #107, Artesia

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