“I was born and raised in Chicago, and love deep dish Chicago style pizza,” says TimToyGeek. “I had gotten used to the fact that there is no real Chicago pizza to be found in LA.” But finally, salvation comes, in the form of Hollywood Pies.

“I think they got it just about perfect,” says TimToyGeek. “To start with, it’s heavy. I mean, it has a proper heft the way a real deep dish pizza should. The crust is very nice, not too buttery or greasy, no cornmeal on the bottom but they laid down a little netting mat under each pizza to keep it from unifying with the box. The back crust is nicely crispy and flavorful, the bottom crust is not too thick or doughy. Just about perfect.” There’s a “nice pully layer of mozzarella on top of the crust,” then the toppings, then the tomatoes and Parmesan.

The spicing’s right, too: nicely garlicky tomatoes and a great smack of oregano, says TimToygeek.

Right now, it’s pickup or delivery only. The owners suggest that those who are picking up should key their GPS units not to HP’s official address, but to 415 Westmount Drive, West Hollywood, then call when you arrive.

Hollywood Pies [Mid-City]
385 N. La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood

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