Chowhound janie is looking for the best freshly baked box of doughnuts in Queens and writes: “Krispy Kreme is my benchmark.” Doughnut Plant in the city apparently made her ill with wares that were “way too yeasty,” and Dunkin’ and Entenmann’s are just not gonna cut it. The first suggestion from fellow hounds? Get yourself to Brooklyn! Though it’s surely heresy to some Queens residents, E Eto suggests Peter Pan Donut & Pastry in just-over-the-Pulaski Greenpoint: “they serve the best donuts in NYC, IMO.” italianices seconds that recommendation, although he mentions Sunnyside’s Alpha Donuts if the lady truly doesn’t want to leave Queens. JoeMacBu thirds the Peter Pan recommendation, and says he and his friends had a doughnut taste-off in which PP triumphed supreme in the classic glazed division. Does Queens have any hidden doughnut gems? Do tell.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry [Greenpoint]
727 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Alpha Donuts [Sunnyside]
45-16 Queens Boulevard, Queens
No phone available

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