After cutting through the noise of dozens of threads that argue whether Yank Sing is authentic or not, billraymond and a guest visited Hong Kong Lounge to try out the dim sum offerings on a Sunday afternoon.

They braved the long line and received a menu and pencil to mark their orders—this isn’t cart service, which can make strategic seating a must in order to score fresh plates. billraymond saw about 50 items on the menu, with plenty of vegetarian and meat options, but not much chicken.

“Just go for anything pork and you’ll probably be happy,” he says, putting baked pork buns, steamed pork dumplings, and steamed pork buns on his must-order list. Less well received were the oily stuffed eggplant and shrimp dumplings, which were fresh but not particularly flavorful.

Hong Kong Lounge [Outer Richmond]
5322 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

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