Does your mortar and pestle sit quietly alone, gathering dust? Or do you actually use it? Many hounds use their mortars and pestles for pesto, unsurprisingly. More surprisingly, chefathome uses mortar and pestle to whip up pumpkin seed pesto. “It is incredible. You grind pumpkin seeds and use pumpkin seed oil instead of olive oil. The rest is the same as traditional basil pesto,” says chefathome. “I also use it for aioli, making mustard and so on.”

“I use it for crushing capers for tartar sauce, garlic for rubs in addition to salt, herbs and spices,” says meatn3. “I find it quicker to use and easier to clean than a food processor, especially for small quantities.”

“To be honest, I dehydrate a lot of spice mixes,” says exvaxman. “The food processor can burn what I am trying to create. So I try and make sure that the mortar is used for the expensive spices.”

“A mortar and pestle is essential for getting the right texture to toasted rice flour,” says JungMann. “As someone who often cooks for one, I find the mortar and pestle essential for pulverizing small amounts of spices for single serving curries or mashing garlic for raw applications like tzatziki or guacamole. It’s also quite useful for cracking cardamom pods.”

Discuss: What do *you* use your mortar and pestle for?

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