buttermarblepopcorn was a little anxious about trying Antica Pizzeria—reviews are so violently mixed. But, says buttermarblepopcorn, it turned out to be a bit of pizza heaven.

“From the very first bite, I felt joy—the sauce was tangy and bright, the cheese tasted, well, cheesy, and had great texture (soft, wet, slightly chewy), the basil was fragrant even in bites that didn’t have the leaf itself,” says buttermarblepopcorn. “The best part was the crust: faintly charred and bitter, crispy on the outside, thin in the center, chewy towards the thicker outer edges.”

buttermarblepopcorn also ate the abandoned crusts from other plates, “not wanting these final inches of spectacular bread work to be wasted. So just munching on these two strips of sauce-less, topping-less crusts, I still enjoyed a full, bready flavor, along with the crispy surface and chewy interior.”

In the past, Chowhounds have complained of poor, inattentive service. buttermarblepopcorn found good service, but also noticed a customer feedback card with the bill. Perhaps this practice helped them change from the ways of old?

Unfortunately, this is Antica’s last month in this location—the lease got yanked, probably because that part of the mall is turning into a fitness club. It’ll be moving to a new location in the same neighborhood, probably within spitting distance, but for the moment, get a bite of pizza perfection while you can.

Antica Pizzeria [Westside – Beaches]
13455 Maxella Avenue, Marina Del Rey

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