For those of you who eat heavy meat and potato dishes regardless of the temperature outside, here’s something for you: Apparently there’s some darn fine Polish food out on Staten Island. To keep it easy to find, it’s called The Polish Place, and CitySpoonful picked up some takeout food there last weekend. He reports: “The owner fried potato pancakes, pierogies, a crepe and a blintz on the spot for us and heated the cucumber soup so we could try it warm. We also snagged a few cold sides: beet salad and sauerkraut. Everything is made from scratch in-house — the owner told us she uses many of her own recipes, but also looks for new ideas in Polish women’s magazines.”

We’re not going to turn down a freshly fried latke or a crêpe no matter what season it is, so this is exciting news. CitySpoonful called the potato pancakes “amazingly flavorful,” although they were also “extremely greasy.” The cucumber soup was rich and creamy due to sour cream in the broth, and had a nice tang from “bits of pickled cucumbers and tons of dill.” He’s not the only one who loves the Polish Place: nepocon often swings by for lunch, and likes to order spicy mustard, pierogies, and kielbasa.

Any other Staten Islanders been by? The rest of us can add it to our “Wanna Go” lists so we can remember to stop by next time we’re on SI.

The Polish Place [Tompkinsville]
19 Corson Avenue, Staten Island

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