Now trending: goat’s milk ice cream. We loved it at Empellón, and michelleats has flipped for the soft-serve version at Carmine Street’s Victory Garden. She loves the price ($3 for a “very large” mini cup), and the “creamy and naturally rich” texture. She penned an ode to the soft serve, in fact, that drew sing me a bar to Victory Garden. He wasn’t as much of a fan: “the ice cream is a bit ‘goaty’.” Hmm. loratliff objected to the texture being too icey, but michelleats encouraged her to give it another chance, and sure enough, now loratliff is smitten: “very tasty and not ‘gritty’ like the first night I stopped in.” Nice Chowhounding, folks! Has anyone else stopped by Victory Garden for the soft serve?

Victory Garden [Greenwich Village]
31 Carmine Street, Manhattan

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