No one goes to Penn Station just to eat at Tracks, but those who wind up there report surprisingly good seafood. Simple dishes are the way to go: sweet, briny St. Simon oysters and other shellfish from the raw bar; spinach salad with moist, flavorful grilled scallops and a nice balsamic dressing; a good-sized lobster roll with seasoned fries; and boiled lobster with a tasty salad and generous heaps of broccoli and mashed potatoes. “It was decent and I would come back,” says sivyaleah, who did take fault with their slipshod service, and watery tarragon cream sauce that came with her lobster ravioli.

You can eat at the bar, amid a loud, wired crowd that seems to turn over whenever a train pulls out, but if you’d rather not, head for the calmer dining room in back.

Tracks Raw Bar and Grill [Penn Station]
1 Penn Plaza #11, in Penn Station, LIRR level, Manhattan

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