Ripe mangoes are delicious on their own, but they’re also a terrific ingredient in sweets and refreshing drinks.

“Sticky rice with mango is one of my favorites,” says Isolda, who recommends this recipe. This mango pudding is light and refreshing, according to HillJ.

“Mango cream is a Pakistani dessert,” says tavegyl, “simply very flavourful cubed mangoes and bananas (and, optionally, oranges) with a light cream poured generously over. Made a day or two in advance so the mango flavour infuses the cream, and served thoroughly chilled.” Mangoes also work well in trifles and paired with sponge cake and whipped cream. twilight goddess loves mango and blueberry crisp.

“Just mash super-ripe mango with a tot of lemon and another of sugar; freeze, blending with a fork every half hour or so,” says mamachef. “Voila. Best sorbet ever.” Or try CHOW’s Mango Ice Cream with Caramelized Mango.

Hounds love a refreshing Mango Lassi, or make an agua fresca by puréeing mangoes with sugar and lime juice to taste and thinning with water, a “really nice hot weather drink,” says Isolda.

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