After a year of food trucks on the Greenway, there have been some additions, and hounds are of course keeping abreast. gourmaniac gave BBQsmith a tumble and found it quite nice: “Pork shoulder is sourced in Canada with a little more fat/marbling. Dry rub and smoked 8 hours. Pulled pork was certainly tender and juicy with a nice but not overpowering smokiness to it. I had the taco ($3) which was a nice portion of said pork with salsa, cilantro, lime and avocado in a small soft flour tortilla. Ingredients are fresh and well made.”

Lefty’s Silver Cart has a kooky vibe, offering free use of a hula hoop and picnic blanket with your order, along with smoothies made with a bicycle-powered blender. “Creative grilled sandwiches on Iggy’s bread. Local ingredients when he can,” sums up BostonZest. “Totally fun. The Elvis, grilled peanut butter and banana with a side of fluff, the Lil’ Kim-Chi: Pain de mie from Iggy’s bread with sharp cheddar, kimchi, with a side of black beans.”

Isolda is a fan of the Forty Thieves: “excellent homemade veggie burger—no tasteless TVP here!—topped with purple slaw and zaatar, served with a little cup of sesame black beans.” nsenada liked the Figment, fig jam with goat cheese and truffled greens, “but for 7-plus bucks, it was pretty small. And the chips looked like they were straight out of a Wise bag, which didn’t strike me as very cartisanal.”

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Lefty’s Silver Cart [Mobile]
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