Looks like it’s a good week for chow in Malden: gimlis1mum reports that Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant has taken up residence in what used to be an old pizza place and is churning out delicious food—with some hiccups.

Items on the menu have varying availability, so it’s wise to ask what’s available when you go in, before you get your heart set on having one particular thing. gimlis1mum’s dinner started with a basket of spongy, house-made flatbread, served with three small dips: roasted eggplant, roasted red and green peppers, and a hot sauce. “All three were delicious,” says gimlis1mum.

Mint tea was “sweet and minty,” served in a small metal teapot and containing fresh mint. Chicken b’stilla came wrapped in crispy phyllo, with sweetish, cinnamony shredded chicken and almonds inside. Lamb shank with prunes was super-tender, and served with an intense saffron sauce, roasted almonds, and sesame seeds. Maybe even best of all, all of that food and tea for two people came to just $21.50.

On the downside, there can be weirdly long waits for food. gimlis1mum sent her husband over for couscous one Saturday. Sorry, not available. It took an hour to get falafel and brochettes to the poor man. That falafel, however, was terrific. Maybe call ahead?

Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant [North Shore]
188 Salem Street, Malden

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