The Sexy, Urbane Home Cook Who Will Burn You Alive

It looks like the fiery birds of glamorizing home cookery are coming home to roost. In London at least, drunken toffs trying out late-night recipes and then passing out have become a major metropolitan fire hazard.

The Daily Mail reports: "An analysis by London Fire Brigade found 4,534 of the 18,000 blazes in the capital over the last three years were caused by people aged 18 to 35 earning more than £40,000 a year." The implications are threefold:

1. The makers of fancy new stoves for rich heavy drinkers need to build in some sort of sophisticated fire detection and/or extinguishing system that can take care of whatever flaming mess Lulu or Nigel creates after a night on the town slamming absinthe and goji-berry-infused vodka "martinis."

2. There's a clear market for a cookbook for dipsomaniacal twentysomethings that is purely no-bake or otherwise fire-free recipes.

3. If you're going to drink and cook, for the love of God, make sure you've got a designated sober sous-chef.

Image source: Flickr member Paolo Camera under Creative Commons

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