New Catch Holland herring is not the only fish being sought this summer. Harðfiskur, Icelandic dried haddock, was once reportedly described by W. H. Auden: “The tougher kind tastes like toe-nails, and the softer kind like the skin off the soles of one’s feet.” It’s nonetheless being sought by hound Shiguy. Why, Shiguy? It must be tastier than Auden wrote. tractarian does not question Shiguy’s quest, and suggests Bay Ridge shop Nordic Delicacies to find the stuff. He also notes, “If all else fails, and I am being serious, contact the Icelandic diplomatic corps in NYC. They’d most probably be able to direct you to a good source.”

The number for the Icelandic Consulate in New York is 212-593-2700. Please do report back if you call them about this very important topic.

Nordic Delicacies [Bay Ridge]
6909 Third Avenue, Brooklyn

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