Hoping to kick a head cold with some spicy chow, capeanne asks what to order at Mary Chung. Don’t go there for spicy, says Luther. Go two blocks east instead, “to the Sichuan restaurant inside Thailand Cafe.” Luther does not jest: Sometime this summer, Thailand Cafe, a barely passable Thai place, acquired a new chef rumored to be connected with the hound-beloved Sichuan Gourmet.

There are Sichuan dishes now to be found on the paper menus (look under “chef’s specials”), on a Chinese-language menu posted on the wall inside the restaurant, and on a whiteboard. It’s a little confusing. If the place isn’t too busy, the friendly owner will translate for you. Be sure to seek out:

• Saliva chicken: “It makes you salivate!” says fredid.
Ziran niurou or cumin beef, with lightly fried beef, peppercorns, scallions, cumin, and star anise.
• Chengdu dry hot chicken, which features fried chunks of chicken with dry, spicy peppers.
• Cold noodles with chile-sesame vinaigrette.
• Double-cooked pork belly with spicy capsicum. The thin slices of pork belly come with green onions, and damneddemand says it’s “awesome” and “spicy but not overpowering.”

And don’t even think about ordering from the Thai side of the menu. Even the MIT students won’t touch it. And that’s saying something.

Thailand Cafe [Cambridge]
302 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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