What was once LA Bread has been taken over by new management and turned into the Village Bakery & Cafe. The fresh incarnation is much better than the old one, says scurvy. The secret is Barbara Monderine, the new owner. Barbara was one of the two founders of Auntie Em’s, which has long been one of the great purveyors of homey baked treats around town.

“The baked treats at Village are a wee bit more refined than what Barbara did at Auntie Em’s,” explains scurvy. There’s lemon and olive oil cake with almonds and rosemary, as well as possibly the best baguette in LA, says scurvy: “Crunchy and chewy and soft in all the right places.”

Some egg dishes come with a stunning cheesy leek and potato cake. “[It] is something you will think about later. You will wonder how long you have to wait until you can have more leek potato coke,” says scurvy.

There are excellent huge, fluffy, berry-filled pancakes, and great coffee, too.

Village Bakery & Cafe [Atwater Village]
3119 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles

Auntie Em’s Kitchen [Eagle Rock]
4616 Eagle Rock Boulevard, Los Angeles

Board Link: Village Bakery & Cafe - forget your LA Bread sadness and get over there for some real baking!

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