The lawsuit filed by Graffiti, an eclectic Indian-inspired restaurant helmed by Jehangir Mehta, against Graffit, a newer Spanish restaurant under Chef Jesùs Nùñez, has resulted in Graffit last week changing its name to Gastroarte. Apparently Mehta and company had finally had it with people who intended to dine at Graffiti calling them from the sidewalk outside of Graffit. The Upper West Side is not so close to East 10th Street, yet they claim they were losing business. The lawsuit reportedly even went so far as to ask that Graffiti could destroy any plates embossed with the name Graffit!

If cubicles and wlo are to be believed, some of the top items to order at Gastroarte are the tortilla española and the “not-your-average-egg.” Avoid shellfish like scallops and lobster, the latter dismissed by rittergold as “so ridiculously overcooked that we left a few bites on the plate instead of spending the effort to chew them.”

If you’d rather spend your dollars at three-year-old Graffiti, be forewarned that it’s petite, but beloved by hounds like bdurrett. Here’s what she liked there.

Graffiti [East Village]
224 E. 10th Street, Manhattan

Gastroarte [Upper West Side]
141 W. 69th Street, Manhattan

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