What’s the best way to prepare and top popcorn? “If you’re popping in oil, some of the tastiest popcorn I’ve ever had was popped in peanut oil and seasoned with a tiny bit of salt,” says toodie jane. “Marvelous!” martin blanchard sometimes pops “with bacon grease, sometimes with olive oil, and [I] use Old Bay as seasoning.”

enbell likes popcorn topped with nutritional yeast, and ferret likes it with bacon salt (no fat—just bacon-flavored salt). achtungpv likes popcorn topped with spicy ranch dressing mix—just the powder. maxie suggests a mixture of olive oil, crushed red pepper, and orange zest.

“I’ve given this suggestion before, but I put balsamic vinegar in a spray bottle and use that,” says burlgurl. “It’s really really good with a little salt….it can make a few kernels a little soggy, but great flavour with no extra fat/calories.”

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