Beloved nuevo-molecular gastronomy joint Ramen California has added a few new specials to the menu, as well as a different broth: half chicken, half fish.

Among the new items is a take on perennial ramen favorite char siu, centered around lush slices of pork belly. “We watched the chef pull out a nice big piece of pork and pull out his special knives and slice the pork very thin,” says BeachGrub. There is “a really nice smoky smell that seemed to be from the pork and was infused in the noodles.”

Try adding hard-boiled eggs to the char siu ramen: the still-custardy yolk melds with the broth pleasantly.

Ramen California [South Bay]
24231 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance

Board Link: Chashu Ramen special at Ramen California

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