Every year (well, for the past two years), we’ve honored 13 people who are behind the trends that are currently consuming us in the food world. This year, we want your help. Tell us: Who’s shaking things up? Who’s doing something new, different, interesting, and/or important?

We’ve honored people for making vegetarian food cool, starting a young-farmers movement, elevating the butcher to rock ‘n’ roll status, and promoting the use of naturalistic styling in food photography, to name a few. This year, we’re thinking about what’s next after bacon, the challenge of how to responsibly put fish on the table again, who’s creatively tackling the childhood obesity epidemic, and more. What trends have you noticed? Who are the people behind those trends?

Check out 2009 and 2010‘s CHOW 13 articles for inspiration, then tell us who you think should be on this year’s list and why in an email to editorial@chow.com. If your pick makes the cut, we’ll send you a much-sought-after CHOW.com knives T-shirt!

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