“Let me propose that Shaadzee’s napoleons are the very best in this universe,” says A.Blinken. “The puff pastry was of an unsurpassed lightness and flakiness and the cream filling was more than ample and just sweet enough.” There are some attractive cannoli as well, two kinds in two sizes, but the coffee “seemed to have lost its will to compete, owing to the Peet’s right across the street.”

Meanwhile, the bold but simply designed chocolate cupcakes at the new Cako Bakery deliver a flavor punch, Pei says. There are at least 10 flavors, plus cookies and coffee cake, but the chocolate cake “balances flavor intensity with fluffiness.” The delicious chocolate frosting might get a ding from purists for falling slightly short of perfect silkiness, though.

Melanie Wong is a fan of the macarons at Feel Good Bakery in Alameda for the “silky, well-flavored buttercream.” The seasonal spicy pumpkin one also features a chewy cookie texture and light spicing. Even better is the pumcho bread, “an oversize pumpkin muffin studded generously with chunks of very good bittersweet chocolate.” It’s also seasonally appropriate, but available all year.

Shaadzee Bakery Bistro [East Bay]
60 Crescent Drive, Pleasant Hill

Cako Bakery [Union Square]
211 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco

Feel Good Bakery [East Bay]
1650 Park Street, Alameda

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