For Midtowners, Barros Luco feeds a previously unsatisfied craving for Chilean-style sandwiches like the Chacarero Completo. This is the aircraft carrier of sandwiches, says chowbound, with an all-hands-on-deck filling of beefsteak or chicken, plus avocado, melted cheese, tomato, mayo, green beans, and banana peppers. “I thoroughly enjoyed [it],” says chowbound, who especially liked the understated but unique contribution of the green beans. It comes on something like a hamburger bun, but denser and doughier, with a light glaze.

Beyond sandwiches, Barros Luco, which opened this month in a hard-luck space on a side street, makes empanadas, soup, and vienesas, or Chilean-style hot dogs. It’s a welcome addition to this corner of the east side, says badabingdesi, if not quite as good as a hound-endorsed spot farther afield, Chacarero in Boston. Some might fault Barros Luco’s sandwiches as skimpy. They’re big enough, badabing promises, with a side of sweet potato fries.

Barros Luco [Midtown East]
300 E. 52nd Street (near Second Avenue), Manhattan

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