As winter moves in, hounds have been talking soup around Queens. round2 tosses a newcomer into the pot, Herb International Soup Factory up in College Point.

The owners are Indian and Afghan, and the menu—around six soups and four stews, plus daily specials—leans South Asian. round2 and her husband loved a vegetarian dal soup, another with chicken and lentils, and delicious, freshly baked Afghan-style bread. Other soups in the lineup might include pumpkin and vegetables, lentil with lamb and vegetables, chicken with rice and vegetables, and chicken curry or tandoori masala with vegetables.

Servings are a generous 16 ounces for $3 or $4. The setup is mostly takeout, though the interior is “rather lovely and comfortable,” round2 adds. Those who stick around might find themselves doubly warmed—by robust soups as well as Bollywood heat on the video screens.

Herb International Soup Factory [College Point]
15-20 College Point Boulevard (between 15th and 18th avenues), College Point, Queens

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