The flavor of honey varies appreciably with locale, because of the differing vegetation bees use to keep on buzzing. nofunlatte scored some honey in Cameroon that was “deep and darkly colored, very complex in flavor with a taste of deep, dark caramel and chocolate, among other things.” Ruth Lafler says her favorite has been coffee blossom honey she bought at a farmers’ market in Kauai. “It’s very dark, almost molasses, and has a very faint coffee flavor,” she says. Veggo fondly recalls the honey from the Michoacán region of Mexico: “Michoacán and Querétaro have 100-foot eucalyptus trees and delicate orchids and a million plants in between, so the honey was a symphony of everything one could see,” he says.

Sam Fujisaka thinks the best honeys are from the coffee-growing regions of Chiapas, Mexico, and Cajamarca, Peru. And pikawicca loves the “very dark evergreen honey from the Black Forest.”

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