As Chris VR points out, small-town Melrose, less than five square miles in area, already has a slew of bakeries and coffee shops, including really decent options like Bohemian Coffeehouse. What, if anything, could make ambitious new coffee shop Coffee Tea and Me stand out?

Early reports say the upscale coffee (beloved local brand Terroir) and house-made baked goods could do the trick. almansa saw pineapple upside-down cake, berry bars, muffins, croissant sandwiches, and empanadas.

Speaking of those empanadas, Chris VR had a successful experiment with a Manchego cheese one: “$2.60 or so for what I’d call a ‘turnover’ sized one which was basically a hollow shell with a thick cheese coating on the bottom. It felt a bit skimpy at first but by the time I finished it, I was satisfied. I have not tried the beef version yet.” The breakfast empanada was eggs and chorizo and “maybe also cheese.” Both were house-fried and then baked to reheat when ordered, “just based on the quality of the dough, which is just on the border of chewiness and toughness,” says Chris VR.

Word is that the owner, Lorenzo, is a local and really friendly, too.

Coffee Tea and Me [North of Boston]
421 Main Street, Melrose

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