“I’ve never really bought into the whole cupcake thing,” says Parsnipity, who had a recent mind-changing experience at Kickass Cupcakes: Cupcake Crisps, baked twice, dipped in chocolate on one side, and then sprinkled with jimmies or M&Ms. “This is a completely different food! The only thing I can compare it to is the corner piece of a really good pan of brownies—sort of crispy, sort of chewy, very chocolately.”

At $2.75 a serving (same as for the regular cupcakes), the twice-baked cupcakes are a relatively economical sweet. oniontears appreciates that “they come in pairs … one for now, and one for five minutes later!”

While you’re at Kickass, don’t forget to make a stop by the (in-store) Dairy Bar for local milk.

Kickass Cupcakes [North of Boston]
378 Highland Avenue, Somerville

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