The Line Shack has been around for a while, but a new owner took over about a year ago and the food is now worth a trip, says RWCFoodie: “The meat is the star. The aroma alone drives me crazy! The ribs and brisket are just delicious, tender, a lovely smoke ring, beautiful bark from the dry rub, not sweet and gloppy—this is the way I want barbecue, real barbecue, to taste.”

“The flavor comes from the dry rub that the meat is marinated in, not sauce that is slathered on,” agrees dimsumgirl, who loved the ribs and the beans. The owner told her he uses fruitwoods in smoking for extra flavor.

In addition to Texas barbecue, there are also Cajun dishes like a delicious jambalaya, and seafood boils.

The Line Shack [South Bay]
826 S. Winchester Boulevard, San Jose

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