There’s a large barbecue contraption in front of La Playa Market. The grill guys do whole barbecued butterflied chickens on Mexican charcoal. Nothing else, “just pollos on the barrel drum grills. … They’re specialists,” says Foodandwine. There’s a window inside the market, and a girl inside cleavers up the cooked birds. A whole chicken is $7, and a half chicken is $4. The chicken is quite tasty, with a nice smokiness, says Feed_me. “I’ve had the chicken about 3 times now and it’s pretty consistently good to my admittedly low-brow taste buds.”

You can get tasty beans or rice, $3 a pint, from the window. You can sometimes also get grilled corn for a dollar. The birds are ready around 7 p.m., Thursday through Monday. There’s no barbecue Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I think the place is a find for $7 hot-off-the-grill chicken over mesquite,” says Foodandwine.

La Playa Market [South LA]
10736 Inglewood Avenue, Lennox

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