A well-made traditional apple pie is a thing of beauty, but variations can be equally good, say hounds.

shanagain highly recommends this apple pie by Grandma Ople for a traditional double-crust recipe. “My only tip is to follow the directions,” she says, “except feel free to add some typical pie spices—even though it honestly doesn’t need them. But cinnamon and cloves never hurt anything.” middydd calls the filling for this blue-ribbon apple pie, which uses four types of apples, the “best ever.”

Popkin tosses apples with flour and cinnamon, places them in a pie shell, sprinkles with equal amounts of raw sugar and maple syrup to taste, and covers with a top crust. valerie says this apple-cranberry crumb pie is “truly a delicious pie.”

And as an alternative to pie, amy_wong loves this French apple-almond tart. The almond custard “makes for a great flavor pairing” with the apple, she says.

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