The long-awaited new branch of Korean grocery store H Mart is finally open in Burlington, and hounds are cock-a-hoop over the glorious bounty in its 51,000 square feet. Once you can fight through the vast crowds, here’s what you’ll find:

• A giant selection of seafood with daily specials
• Pristine produce at bargain prices, including specialty Asian produce like shiso and kkaennip, Korean sesame leaves
• Many Korean items like seaweed, noodles, jarred pastes, and a zillion varities of kimchee
• Japanese and Korean convenience foods, such as pancake and curry mixes
Japanese and Korean frozen foods
• Asian housewares, like rice cookers
• A food court with Indian, Japanese, and three different styles of Korean food
• A bakery with European, American, and Asian specialties, as well as decent house coffee
• Marinated meats for at-home Korean barbecue
• American, Southeast Asian, and Indian groceries
• Aisles of prepared foods, including meats, noodles, and banchan

On the downside, the parking isn’t great; the lot may be too small for the traffic the store will draw. The food court similarly doesn’t have a lot of seating, so take your food to go instead.

H Mart [North of Boston]
3 Old Concord Road, Burlington

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