Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, made in South Carolina and infused with locally grown tea, is an interesting concoction, says lynnlato. Mixed up with spring water and a lemon wedge, it tastes exactly like iced tea.

baldiboys is such a big fan of the refreshing infusion that he is in danger of breaking his computer keyboard with excitement. “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! This stuff is awesome,” he raves. He likes it so much that he brought three bottles back from a recent trip to Charleston. “This stuff mixed with REALLY good lemonade is GREAT!!!”

merlinscat just discovered the spirit. “I’m not a huge drinker,” he explains. “I like expensive tequila and Michelob Light, but that was until I discovered Firefly!”

“Find it. Drink it. This is just wonderful stuff,” agrees mamasquirrel. It’s wonderful on the rocks with mint simple syrup and a twist of lemon. “Just be aware—this is a really smooth drink, and you’ll drink more than you realize if you’re not careful,” says mamasquirrel.

CHOW’s drinks expert Jordan Mackay also approves.

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