Anyone who’s flown Virgin America knows it’s cool: the purple cabin lights, the cartoon in-flight safety video—they even pipe world music into the bathroom.

And so on a recent flight back from New York, I wasn’t too surprised to see that they’re also on top of food trends, as they’re now serving a banh mi sandwich. Unfortunately, by the time the flight attendants had gotten to 23F, they had run out, but here is the description from VA’s press release:

Banh mi flat iron beef sandwich: A traditional street-vended Vietnamese sandwich made of grilled Asian marinated sliced flat iron steak with shaved cucumber, green leaf lettuce, baby frisée, fresh sprigs of cilantro and topped with a Vietnamese slaw of julienne carrots, daikon radish and red onion. Asian ginger dressing served on the side.

One element they can’t be getting right is the just-toasted, crispy French-bread roll, and there’s no listing of hot peppers. But daikon, cilantro, julienned carrots—it sounds like someone has seriously upped the ante on airplane meals.

Has anyone tried one yet?

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