Paratha is “India’s answer to the tortilla,” says DallasDude. Actually it’s even more versatile because, unlike tortillas, parathas can be stuffed like a pupusa. Parathas at their best are buttery, flaky flatbreads. They’re delicious plain, but they’re often filled with items like potatoes, shrimp, dal, methi (fenugreek leaves), or the delicious fresh Indian cheese called paneer (which is kind of like queso fresco but more similar in texture to tofu, says DallasDude).

Making parathas from scratch, says luckyfatima, is a challenge even for experienced cooks; she claims that when she makes a paratha, it comes out “like a leathery sandal in the shape of the African continent.” An easier option is to buy premade disks of paratha dough from Indian grocery stores that you can cook at home. DallasDude particularly recommends the Pillsbury brand, which he says is better than all the other Indian national brands.

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