Too much flopcorn, or unpopped kernels of corn, can mess up your perfect popcorn experience (greygarious prefers the term flopcorn over the more colorful but un-PC old maids). But how do you keep this problem to a minimum?

The most important thing to do is to keep the unpopped kernels from losing their moisture, says iluvcookies. Steam building up inside the corn is the key to making it pop; if it dries out, there’s no pressure to make it explode into fluffy popcorn. (For an expanded explanation, see CHOW’s Nagging Question column What Else Besides Corn Pops, and How?) Sherri stores her kernels in two resealable plastic bags in the freezer, very tightly sealed to maintain moisture. Keeping them airtight and using them up quickly is the key, says iluvcookies.

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