Why roast your own coffee? The taste of freshly roasted beans is bright and has more depth than beans roasted and stored, says jayt90. And it’s a fairly low investment in terms of time and equipment for the pleasure that home roasting brings. (See CHOW’s Jiffy Roast story for tips on getting set up to roast simply and cheaply.)

Green coffee beans are available by mail order, and they are cheap compared to commercially roasted coffee. You can get a wide variety of green beans; the best advice is to try different beans and find out what you like, says scubadoo97, who likes Ethiopian and Yemeni varietal coffees for their fruit flavors, but also enjoys Central and South American coffees and Mexican Oaxacas. “I’ll often do 2–3 different beans and then blend them,” he says. At any rate, with home-roasted coffee, “I just know I’m drinking better coffee than I can get locally.”

grampart likes the Columbian Supremo beans from Coffee Bean Direct, roasted just past the second crack. jayt90 gets green coffee beans from Green Beanery in Canada, and from the Green Coffee Buying Club. Many coffee geeks also swear by Sweet Maria’s.

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