Life + Times (Jay-Z’s lifestyle website): It’s awesome how food like butter-poached lobster can bring people like Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert and rapper Jay-Z together. —Lisa I would love to have a little corral of these macramé treats at my desk (check out that hot dog pictured at left!). —Lisa

Wrightfood: If you top a quinoa salad with a poached egg, you are allowed to call it breakfast. —Amy

What’s Cooking in Your World?: How to candy violets and turn them into syrup. I’m ready for a violet martini! —Christine

The Foodographer: Where can I get my own fire truck outfitted with a grill and beer taps? —Christine

No Recipes: Just one look at samgyetang (Korean chicken soup) convinced me that stewing chicken should have its place next to grilling and sautéing. —Omer

Simple Bites: Prepare yourself for grilling season and discover some great rubs and sauces to spice up your meat. —Omer

MyKugelhopf: If only a class existed where you could make and eat chocolates, pair them with wine, and, oh yeah, it has to be in Switzerland … oh wait! Here’s one! —Amy

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